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Located in the heart of Vermont, we build custom wooden boxes and crates for a wide variety of clients and uses.  Put our team to work creating a piece of lasting advertising that will enhance your product and brand for years to come. 



Custom Sizing and Styling

Custom Silkscreening and Branding

Custom Finishing

Whichever box style you choose we can make it the right size to fit your product or application.

Measure around what you want to put in it and we will do the rest!

We offer multi color screenprinting using Certified non-toxic waterbased inks.  We can match your custom color as well.

For a more rustic look choose a customized brand (Plate charges apply)

We offer staining, painting, as well as water based clear coating.  Create the look you want that best represents your project or purpose.

Manufacturers of Custom Wooden Boxes and Crates

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